Leapşă – Rorschach Test

Adică testul cu cerneala simetrică. 🙂

Mie mi-a ieşit cam aşa…

Your unconscious mind is driven most by


By having your unconscious mind driven most by Reserve, it appears that you like to keep your internal life private. So while some people might wish for the bright lights and paparazzi of celebrity, that’s probably not your thing. In fact, you might be a bit more wary than most people are about others „getting into your business.” Perhaps you grew up thinking that personal matters should be kept to yourself or that being reserved is a virtue. Regardless of the reason, people with a heightened drive for resistance are typically not very communicative. If this is true for you, the people in your life may never even realize when you’re having an off day — and perhaps you like it that way.

However, if you tend to keep people at arm’s length, you may sometimes appear secretive or standoffish to those who don’t know you well. In some cases, a lack of communication with others may even put you out of touch with your own ideas and feelings. If you find that resistance is affecting your life in negative ways, you may want to more closely examine the situations that tend to spark it. Once you have a handle on the things that make you defensive, you can take an active role in opening yourself up to people and new situations. When you do, you’ll likely find that the benefits of sharing more of yourself far outweigh the risks.

Leapşa am primit-o de la Netics, dar testul l-am făcut de ceva vreme… 🙂 Însă rezultatele nu cred că s-au schimbat aşa mult în câteva luni… Cui o dau? Oricui doreşte să se cunoască pe sine, desigur. 🙂


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